Wine Fridge Organisation 101

Wine Fridge Organisation 101

Regardless of whether you have a small collection or a big collection of wine, the storage of your wine is one of the most important components of ensuring the longevity of your wine; if it is not properly stored, you can risk your wine depreciating in quality and flavour, but also spoiling quickly. A wine fridge is one of the most common ways of wine storage as it is convenient to many people due to its refrigerator-like qualities, which keep the wine chilled and ready to drink; however, there are certain things to be mindful of when making use of an appliance such as a wine fridge. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to purchase the best wine fridge if you are unsure of where to store wine.

Properly storing your wine.

One of the best things for your wine is possibly a wine fridge as it is built for wine preservation and storage; although it is made specifically to protect and preserve your wine, there are certain things which you can do to ensure the life span and quality of your wine. First, when placing your wine in your wine fridge, ensure that your wine is always positioned horizontally, as this helps in making sure that the cork does not dry out; however, this is just an extra precaution as your wine fridge is built specifically to keep your wine in suitable conditions for long-term storage and cooling. Additionally, having your wine fridge set at a constant temperature will aid in protecting and preserving your wine as there are no fluctuations in temperature that could possibly spoil your wine. Furthermore, placing your wine fridge in a place that receives minimal light can also aid its preservation, as harsh light and UV rays can severely damage your wine.

A wine fridge deep dive

When it comes to storing wine, many people think why not just store the wine in a normal refrigerator rather than a wine fridge; but what they don’t realise is that a normal refrigerator does more damage than it does preservation or chilling. With a normal refrigerator, your wine is at more risk of spoiling due to the temperature being too cold for the wine, leaving it with a burnt taste. In addition, due to the humidity, moisture can make its way into the wine and cause it to spoil prematurely; thus, a wine fridge is the best option for storage and preservation purposes.

Lesson learnt

There are many things that you can do to aid your wine cooler in properly preserving and storing your wine; these are little things such as the placement of your wine fridge, how frequent you ensure that your wine fridge is cleaned, and ultimately, how frequently your wine fridge is used. For example, if the door of your wine fridge is constantly opened and closed, it could give way for humidity to enter and possibly damage your wine; however, this is hardly the case. Additionally, when laying your bottles horizontally, ensure that you rotate your bottles every now and then just to ensure that no remnants are left at the side of the bottle. In closing, if you follow these little tips, rest assured that you have well-preserved and perfectly chilled wine every single time.

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