Electricians Believe in Safety Coming First on All Jobs

There are two major categories for electricians. Linemen, who are the ones that fix our electric utilities, and work on high voltage lines. Wiremen are the electricians who are specialists in residential, commercial, industrial, light industrial and work with low voltage wiring. These electricians work on what we know as Voice-Data-Video, or VDV. Inside wiremen are the ones that specialize in the wiring of fire-alarms and controlled wiring.

Electricians Believe in Safety Coming First on All Jobs

There are three levels of trained electricians. The Apprentice, who works under the direction of an experienced electrician. The Apprentice earns less until he or she is fully licensed and experienced. They will take hundreds of classroom hours of instruction and will work as an Apprentice for anywhere between three and six years. During those years they are paid on a percentage basis of the Journeyman.

Journeymen have finished their Apprenticeship and qualify for licensing by the local, State and National electrical trade. They are found competent to work as Journeymen. Master Electricians usually work for seven to ten years in the field and they have passed the National Electrical Code, with demonstrated excellent knowledge in the field. Residential homes have many different types of wiring which include electrical wiring for appliances, power, heating, telephone, ventilation system control, computers and sometimes even for a home theatre.

There are many regional, national, and municipal safety regulations that are in effect. In some areas, the homeowner can do some of the wiring needed for the home. In other areas, all wiring must be done by a licensed electrician. Power is needed in different places throughout the home. Wall sockets, receptacles and plugs are called power points. In most areas a licensed electrician must do the wiring for all power points that are needed in the home. Those power points are usually for all large appliances, telephones, computers, home theater, security systems, televisions and for CCTV systems.

Many Electricans servicing Point Cook work on residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. They take care of existing electrical problems, testing and tagging of appliances, new electrical installations and many other areas. They are fully licensed and trained to handle any size electrical problem. If your industrial business wants to avoid a decrease in productivity because of electrical problems and breakdowns, our electricians are experience and accredited to work on your equipment and machinery. We can do testing, repairs, installations and maintenance and have you running like new in a short period of time.

Commercial services that can be handled are, 3 phase power, fault diagnosis, commercial switchboard upgrades, fault finding, repairs of all electrical components, replacement of electrical systems and controls, and many other commercial areas. We make sure we follow all health and safety standards, so your business is safe. We have experience in agricultural electrical equipment, safety switches, electrical motors, electrical starter boxes, wiring for workshops, sheds, storage areas and barns. All types of repairs and maintenance can be accomplished with the highest of standards. We have fast response times, so you can be up and running as fast as possible.

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