9 Ways to Keep the House Warm in the Rainy Season

9 Ways to Keep the House Warm in the Rainy Season

As the Winter season comes, many things need to be prepared to deal with heavy rainfall and strong winds. That way, let’s do various ways to keep the house warm

Keeping the house warm during the rainy season is very important. In addition to comfort, a warm home will keep us away from the cold and sickness.

9 Ways to Keep the House Warm in the Rainy Season

1. Prepare Home Conditions Before the Rainy Season

Prevention is better than cure. A better step for you before the rainy season comes preparing the house for the rainy season.

Of course, we don’t want it if suddenly it turns out that there is a leaking roof, loose window seal rubber, or damp walls. Some things that can be considered are:

  • Pay Attention to the Messy Tile Arrangement

One of the things that can cause the roof tiles to leak is the incorrect position of the tile arrangement. Also, another cause is broken tiles.

Checking, replacing, and arranging tiles that are not in position will be very helpful when the rainy season comes. If you still use zinc, it will be very easy to find which parts are hollow and necessary

  • Pay Attention If there are Moldy Walls

Moldy walls are caused by humid room conditions. In addition, it can occur if inside the wall there is a cavity filled with water so that it becomes moist. Leaking walls will certainly add to the problem when the rainy season comes.

You can also deal with this by repainting the walls with leak-proof coating. Before the walls are painted with a leak-proof coating, it is worth first cleaning the adhering mold and re-scraping off the old paint. You can also reduce the stuffy atmosphere of a humid room by placing water absorbents in the room.

2. Use a Portable Space Heater

For those of you who live in places that tend to always be cold, it’s a good idea to have a space heater when the air and weather are very cold.

To put the heating of the room, make sure it is not covered by furniture or objects that may block the circulation of the heater.

How to Choose a Good Heating

In order not to make the wrong choice when buying, there are several things that you need to pay attention to when choosing the best heating appliance. Here are some of them.

  • Choose the type of heating you want
  • Know the noise-level that the heating has
  • Ensure the area of the heating placement location

In addition to these three things, you can also consider the consumption of electrical power, safety features such as anti-flaming that can prevent fires, to overheated protection that can protect You and your family are at risk of exposure to too hot temperatures.

Best Heating Recommendations

Best Heating Recommendations

Vankool TH22-01

The best heating that can make a room warm is the Vankool TH22-01 product. This one product can be said to be interesting not only as a heating tool, this one product can be used for seating and also the ability to heat the room is very fast. Equipped with LED strip lights, and has dimensions of 33×33×13.8 cm, making this Vankool TH22-01 heating can be carried anywhere easily.

Vankool TH22-01 also comes with quite advanced features, where this tool already has a temperature control. Plus, the heating materials already use high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry if this heating can catch fire. If you are interested, this heating that only requires as much power as: 1010 Watt can be found easily on various e-commerce platforms to other electronic equipment stores.

3. Check Window Condition

Before the rainy season comes, make sure you have checked the windows. Not infrequently water enters through the window because the window cannot be closed tightly, or because the window rubber seal has been damaged.

Don’t forget, check the sewer in front of the house, make sure the sewer flows smoothly so that there is no flooding.

4. Do not leave the room moist

Not leaving the room damp is the main way to keep the house warm. When the room is damp, not only is it not good for health, a damp room can become a hotbed of mold and reduce comfort.

As discussed above, you can overcome this by using leak-proof coating paint. It would be better, if it is possible for the room to be opened so that sunlight enters, so that the air is not stuffy and the walls are dry.

5. Use Carpets

Cold floors are very common during the rainy season. You can warm the house by installing carpets on the floor. Not only is it warming, the thick carpet is also very comfortable.

6. Use Thick Curtains

Thick curtains are very good for dealing with the cold of the rainy season. Thick curtains are able to withstand winds that may enter through the cracks of windows. When the weather is hot, do not forget to open the curtains to warm the room.

When it rains or into the evening, don’t forget to close the curtains again. Thick curtains are very suitable to face the rainy season which is often accompanied by strong winds.

7. Close the Gap Under the Door

Cold floors during the rainy season can be caused by gusts of wind coming in through the gaps under the doors. You can close the gap under the door to prevent drafts from entering and make the floor no cooler.

8. Let the Sun’s Light In

The sun is the main source of warmth that we can take advantage of. Sunny weather is a good opportunity to warm the room in the house. In addition to making the room warm, sunlight prevents the room from being stuffy, damp, or moldy.

9. Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging furniture is a smart way to warm the house. The sofa or mattress, which was originally next to the window, can be moved so that anyone who sleeps and sits does not feel colder. Keeping the position of the chat room away from near the door is also not a bad idea.

If you have a room warmer, it would be better not to put it in a closed place so that it can warm the room evenly.

That is some ways to keep the house warm in the rainy season. Are you ready?

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