Tips for Using the Correct Air Conditioner to Save Electricity & More Durability

Tips for Using the Correct Air Conditioner to Save Electricity & More Durability

This article is important, how do you make the use of AC in your home not wasteful and know the correct use of AC so that your body stays healthy. If you already know the trick, you will be able to reduce your home electricity bill and save money in your pocket every month, it’s not bad enough for saving and investing.

1. Remote AC temperature settling at 24 degrees Celsius

The habit of people is +62 pairs of 16 degrees AC, maximum fan, powerful mode too. Turning the electricity bill out, just grumbling to myself the AC is wasteful. Even though it is wasteful or not the use of electricity in an AC depends on the way of setting the remote daily.

We should not force the remote AC temperature to be set at 16 degrees, if you are in the habit of doing this, the AC electricity bill at home will swell. So that the electricity bill is reduced, make sure the temperature setting is at maximum 24 degrees Celsius

It’s okay, the condition of the house is very hot again, we turn it on 20-22 degrees, but remember when it’s cool enough, we raise it back to 24 degrees Celsius and above so that electricity consumption is more effective.

The remote AC mechanism sends a signal to the Indoor AC to inform the target room temperature to be achieved. Then when the room temperature is reached, if your air conditioner is a standard type, the compressor will turn off to rest, it becomes standby mode so that electricity usage drops too.

However, if your air conditioner is an inverter type, the compressor will relax a little and reduce its workload so that electricity usage is lower.

When the AC Standard reaches the appropriate temperature, it means that the compressor is resting and goes into standby mode, a few minutes later when the temperature has risen 1-2 degrees Celsius, the AC will reactivate the compressor performance.

If the standard AC turns off, the AC is easily damaged? This is quite normal, and this is a standard AC working process. However, it is not recommended to install an AC remote above 24 degrees like 26 degrees for Standard AC, because it turns off too often.

As for the inverter type AC, it is fine, if we install it at 24-26 degrees it will be more economical because the AC component can adjust to room temperature.

However, at a temperature of 16 degrees, it is almost impossible to reach the air conditioner, then the compressor will continue to work forcing itself 100% of the time so that the electricity bill becomes the maximum. Also with hard work like this, the compressor’s lifespan will be reduced.

Then if the compressor turns off, won’t the AC become wasteful? As a comparison to answer this question, if we consider the easy calculation every 10 minutes the standard type compressor turns off when the temperature is reached, it means that the cycle is more or less like this 10 minutes off, 10 minutes rest, 10 minutes off, 10 minutes rest. So for 1 hour, the compressor will work 30 minutes, and the rest 30 minutes.

Suppose we just count it simple, every 10 minutes of using AC it consumes 800 Watts of power, and the electric load every time you turn on the compressor is around 20%. So in 3 active compressor cycles, the total electric load is 800 * 20% * 3 Cycles = 2.880 Watts. Now we compare it if the air conditioner is on for full 60 minutes because we set the temperature at 16 degrees Celsius. So we assume that the first 10 minutes also require 20% power to activate the compressor for the first time, and the remaining 50 minutes is normal power at 800 Watt. (800 * 20%) + (800 * 5) = 4,960 Watts.

From the above calculation, if the temperature is at 24 degrees, it will save quite a lot because the compressor does not work 100%. 2880 Watts vs 4960 Watts. However, we simplify the calculations above to provide easy comparisons, in practice, many other variables need to be considered.

2. Make sure the room is closed when turning on the air conditioner

Ensuring the condition of the room is closed, air conditioning circulation is not wasted to another room so that the air temperature set by the remote can be achieved and the AC work becomes efficient and effective. If the window or door is open, cold air will escape, so that optimal cooling cannot be achieved.

3. Using an evaporative type air conditioner

Evaporative Air Conditioner has a compressor that has a more sophisticated motor function and can flexibly lower and adds the compressor load automatically according to indoor and outdoor conditions. So that when at night, the compressor will work very minimal, while during the day the compressor will be in normal conditions. For review please check here

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