Shutters Are the Talk of the Town

Everyone seems to be in love with the Orange County shutters that were put into my home recently. Whenever I have someone over, the first thing they tell me is that they love the shutters. It’s a bit odd, because I’ve put some other things in my home as well, but those don’t get any attention. The new rug that’s right in front of the front door goes unnoticed, the new sofa is just barely seen, and the new lamp is just a background item. The shutters just captivate everyone, and it’s all they can talk about when they see it.

The reason I got the shutters is because I went over to my aunt’s home and I saw that she had gotten some. Just like everyone that visits my home, I couldn’t talk about anything else but the shutters, so she gave me the contact information for the company that installed her shutters and I gave them a call. I asked them why their shutters looked so good, and they told me that it was because the shutters were made with love and care. It’s not an answer that you really hear and one that you don’t take seriously very often, but I believed it.

Since everyone that sees the shutters asks me where I got them, I decided to put a business car next to the shutters. All people have to do is look at the card and then write down the information or take a picture, and they can get their own shutters. I wonder if I can enter a home contest and win an award for the best home just from the shutters alone. I think the judges would certainly be captivated just like everyone else. I wouldn’t mind winning a hefty cash prize from having shutters.

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