Possible Underfloor Heating Problems and How to Fix Them

Possible Underfloor Heating Problems and How to Fix Them

Underfloor heating kits could be the ideal heating system for your home. But like any other heating tool, it needs maintenance and repairs too at times. Purchasing from a reputable supplier can lessen the dilemma of an underfloor heating kit damage, but in case problems occur, here are some of the most common ones and how you can fix them:

Possible Underfloor Heating Problems and How to Fix Them

Uneven Heating

Uneven heating is a common issue when it comes to underfloor heating kits. Homeowners along the years of their underfloor heating might notice an uneven distribution of heat from the system. In case you experience this, you can resort to doing some alteration on your heating tool’s flow rates. If the same problem occurs, opt to call your installer.

Your installer would know more about how to provide solutions if your first attempt does not work out. Remember to ask the help of an expert or a professional in case you cannot resolve it by yourself. This way, you are ensuring that there will be no other issues that may arise.

Air Locks

Your pipes might undergo air locks sometimes. There is no need to fear too much about it. What you can do is to re-pressurized and recourse the underheating system pipes to bleed to clear all present airlocks.

In fixing the system, ensure that all pipes are well-sealed to secure safety in your area and to other underheating kit parts.

Mismatched Floor Finish

Mismatched of incompatible floor finish is quite a huge problem especially if you already expect a lot during the installation process. Be it known that it is easier to resolve and there is no need to worry about it too much.

Preventive measures should be done in the first place. You must look into your floors before the floor finish and if the carpet is enough to cover the whole underfloor heating system. Check with your manufacturer the right kit for your place. Request for an ocular if necessary.

Defective Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most dynamic and essential parts in your underfloor heating kit. If it becomes faulty, the temperature may suffer and may result in too much or not enough heat. In times you find the temperature does not match what is indicated in the thermostat, consider checking the batteries.

If the battery does not have any issue and you are using a wired-powered heat regulator, check the plugs or the outlet. If none of it works, there could be a potential electric fault that is needed to tend by an electrician.

Not Enough Heating

If your underfloor heating kit struggle with increasing the temperature, there might be an issue with its isolation. It there is no heat going up or circulated, check the insulation of the whole system.

One of the best preventive maintenance for this is inspecting the subfloor first before the formal system installation. In this way, your installer can test if everything is suitable for fitting and if any potential problems might arise.

High Pressure in the Entire Floor Heating System

Rising pressure from the underfloor heating kit is alarming and if not prevented, might cause more severe damage affecting your entire home. When confronted with the problem, opt to check the filling loop or the valves, see if there is also a present constraint in the pipework, or if there is actual damage in the kit’s diaphragm.

Low Pressure in the Entire Floor Heating System

On the contrary, if you feel that there is a low pressure coming out from the heating system, it is possibly caused by a leak. Check the pipes for any outflow or leakage. Hire a plumber if the tube has some significant issues. In case there is a hole present, you can choose to cover it with pipe adhesive initially to act as a temporary solution.

Wrong set-up

Before having the installers leave your home, make sure that they have tested if the underfloor heating kit is working. This way, you would know if it is working and there is nothing wrong or faulty in the setup. If the whole system is not working, there might be a problem with the installation. You must call the attention of your supplier regarding this.

Always guarantee that you get your money’s worth. Remember to check everything after the installation process and do preventive maintenance regularly. Take note that there are simple problems you can solve within your means, but it is always better to resort to experts to avoid more damage.

Choose an underfloor heating system that of quality and from a reputable supplier to prevent unnecessary issues and disturbances.

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