3 Types of House Floors Often Used

The floor of the house becomes a very important element in addition to other important elements such as roof, foundation and so forth. For a person who is very concerned about the look of a house, would certainly choose the types of elements of the house is well not excluded with the selection of a floor. For more information about floors you can visit RFC UK And on occasion I will I will give you information about the types of flooring house that we often use. In general, the material covering the floor divided into 2 categories, namely the type of natural and artificial floor. Floors made of materials that we can from nature is what is the type of natural floor, for example wood from the rocks. While examples of artificial floors include cement and ceramics.

Here Type of Floor House

1). Wooden floor

The wooden floor becomes one of the kind of floor we will discuss first. This wooden floor is often called parquet as a cool term. Usually This type of floor is very popular by people who have knowledge of art. Because this floor has a rare aesthetic value can be obtained from other types of flooring. In addition, this wooden floor is very comfortable when compared with stone-based floor.

2). Ceramic floor

Some reasons why people make ceramics as an option for the floor of his house is the variety of shapes, patterns and textures and a lot of variant color. This ceramic is the most widely used flooring material in most houses in Indonesia. The basic ingredients of ceramic making are clay (clay) where the clay is processed through several stages some of which are first burned with a certain temperature and coated with glazer which will then help the color, pattern and ceramic texts.

3). Marble Floor

Marble is often referred to as Marble, this type of floor is one type of floor that is durable and versatile as well. We can not only use this marble material for the floor only, but can also be used for home wall covering.